Deliver local safety and security to families.


What is AllegroLife

In recent years, there is growing interest in this medical care and healthcare, especially in the United States, due to the mandatory stress check by the revision of the Occupational Safety and Health Law in FY 2014 and the increase in medical expenses due to the increase in the elderly population. Also, among diseases, the proportion of chronic diseases is increasing, and we will contribute to preventive medical measures, "life not to get sick". We provide AllegroLife to serve not only the elderly, but also to the world that provides support to the age group of infants, children, adults, medical care and nursing care, family safety and security, local safety and security to do.


Why AllegroLife Service


Sensor size reduction / wearable conversion · Microcomputer performance improvement · As the communication environment is improved, the environment for collecting data through various devices has been set up. A compact human presence sensor (for example, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor, a pedometer, a sleeping time, a small indoor environmental sensor, a hygrometer, a thermometer, an outdoor environment sensor, a luminometer, an wind force meter, a rain gauge, So we can gather biological information and environmental information in real time and learn daily life cycle.


Visualize the life cycle with various data collected and deepen the understanding of data against actual experience. You can understand the meaning of data by comparing various data collected, narrowing down dates, and seeing from various directions.


Visualization by combining everyday biological information and various environmental information, automatic notification to family and regional countermeasures headquarters by e-mail when abnormal value occurs, alert notification to the principal and utilization of the obtained information We will be able to understand and use statistics. And by acquiring knowledge such as artificial intelligence (machine learning / deep learning), it is also possible to create artificial intelligence to support the life cycle.